This term, Year 5/6 have been learning about Mexico and have recently started learning about the Heart. 

We have focused on the Mexican Festival Day of the Dead and our work has linked to other aspects of Mexican life – both present and past. Classes have designed and made their own Day of the Dead masks, researched life in Mexico and gained an understanding of the Ancient Maya tribe.

Following on from Mexico, children are just beginning to learn how the heart works and why it is so important. Some classes have started work on clay models and 3D models of the heart. 


Wednesday 4th July – Bowling.
We will be leaving school at about 9.30am to walk to Superbowl at Kimberworth. School are paying for the treat, but children can bring about £2 so they can buy a drink. We will be back at school for lunch.

Thursday 5th July – Y6 leavers play.
School is providing some of the costume items that the children will need, but they have been asked to bring some items from home. Please ask them what these are and send them in as soon as possible.

The performance will begin at 2pm so please ensure you are in your seat by 1.55pm so you don’t miss them.

Friday 6th July – Y6s last day.
The children may bring a white t-shirt or shirt for their friends to sign. Please send them with a marker pen or something suitable as we don’t have enough for all the children.

Thank you for all your support over your child’s time with us.



On Wednesday, 13th September, the Y6 children went to the Lifewise Centre in Hellaby to learn about keeping safe as they start becoming more independent – it won’t be long before they begin their next stage of learning in Y7 and therefore become much more independent.

Whilst they were there they took part in a range of activities and scenarios that they may be faced with, along with understanding the consequences of their own actions (the age of criminal responsibility is 10).

They learnt about: fire safety, internet safety including cyber bullying, road safety, first aid, personal safety, and what takes place in a Magistrates Court.  Throughout all the scenarios, children were taught about the importance of always making the right choice and the consequences of making bad choices.

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Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre in North Anston

The children in Year 5 and Year 6 have been learning about minibeasts and their living environment.  They all went to the Tropical Butterfly House on Friday, 30th June.  Whilst there, they all had an opportunity to handle minibeasts such as cockroaches, stick insects and tarantulas.  Some children also listened to talks about snakes and saw them being handled whilst others saw owls and parrots flying for their handlers.  They also saw a large number of animals, many of which can be seen in the photographs.

Rotherham Children’s Festival

For Picture This, we have been studying a painting by Pieter Bruegel called Children’s Games.  We have made a material collage of our school playground which is on display at Magna.  We have also written poems, instructions and descriptions relating to the painting.   Some children in Year 5 also went to the ‘Big Blast’ where they play the Glockenspiel.

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To engage pupils in their new topic, Year 5/6 carried out a mini-beast hunt around the school. Armed with potters, buckets, spades and bug carriers, the children explored several areas including the field. Filled with excitement, they hunted under logs, in flowerpots, underground, in bushes and collected slugs, ladybirds, snails and lots of woodlice. 

Hola Mexico and Blood Heart

All the children in Y5 and Y6 have enjoyed learning about Mexico, its food and celebrations; and how the heart works this term. Throughout the term, they researched about their main festival, The Day of the Dead, and finally created their own festival with paper decorations, mexican foods and tried mexican dancing.  In the second half term they have learnt all about how the heart works and the importance of keeping healthy.

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On Thursday 16th March the Y5/6 gymnastic team went to the EIS to participate in the South Yorkshire Games which meant they were competing against teams from Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley. They had to perform a floor routine and a jump from the vault. A fun day was had by all and the girls came 8th.

Healthy Eating Posters

This term, children were invited to take part in designing a Healthy Eating Poster. Pupils spent many hours at home creating their posters and today the Key Stage 2 winners were reveled to the rest of Key Stage 2 in an assembly. 

Congratulations to the runner-ups Nitasha Iqbal (Y5/6)  and Farhaan Iqbal (Y3/4) who received some yummy treats as their prizes (not very healthy) and the winners Connor Wells (Y5/6) and Alinah Hussain (Y3/4) who each received a £5 Argos voucher to spend on what they like. 

Congratulations also to Rylie Sheppard who was the runner up Key Stage 1, Jayne Okpovie who was the winner and Estal Hamza from foundation stage. 

Winning posters will be displayed in the dinner hall anytime soon – keep your eyes peeled for them!