This year, Year 5/6 pupils have been learning to play different pieces of music on the Glockenspiel. As part of the Rotherham Childrens’ Festival, children were invited to play their instruments at the ‘Big Blast’ Festival. A selection of pupils attended and their behaviour and performance was exceptional – we even looked the part with our Glockenspiel stands. 

Y6 activity day at the EIS

Last week all the children in Year 6 went to the English Institute of Sport with several other local schools.  While there, they took part in 24 different activities, supported by Sports Leaders from Winterhill and Wingfield.  One of our children proudly achieved 3rd place in the 100 metre; an amazing achievement considering the number of children that took part.  A fun and tiring day was had by all.


This term, Year 5/6 were lucky enough to take part in 2 Conductive Music Sessions. They learnt how to code and programme a QuirkBot using some online software. They made a light saber and a musical instrument from the Quirkbot. Children were able to code the QuirkBot so the lights would flash at different speeds and in different orders. Each part of the QuirkBot was also able to play different notes. The children really enjoyed the sessions and learnt something exciting and new! 


On Friday 8th March Thornhill Cheerleaders competed in the Rotherham Final’s with their 1980s theme. They came 2nd and will now represent Rotherham in the School Games to be held at the EIS.

Weston Park Museum

On Tuesday/Wednesday 5th/6th February, all the children in Y5 and Y6 visited Weston Park Museum in Sheffield to take part in a workshop to find out more about the Ancient Egyptians.  During the day in the museum they were fascinated by the real ‘mummies’ and their original coffins with hieroglyphics covering their surfaces.  Whilst pretending to ‘mummify’ a body, they learnt all about the gruesome things that were performed on the dead to ensure the bodies were able to go to the ‘afterlife’.  


This term, Year 5/6 have been learning about Mexico and have recently started learning about the Heart. 

We have focused on the Mexican Festival Day of the Dead and our work has linked to other aspects of Mexican life – both present and past. Classes have designed and made their own Day of the Dead masks, researched life in Mexico and gained an understanding of the Ancient Maya tribe.

Following on from Mexico, children are just beginning to learn how the heart works and why it is so important. Some classes have started work on clay models and 3D models of the heart. 

Kingswood Residential 2018

On Monday 5th February, 17 excited Y5’s went to Dearne Valley Kingswood with Mrs Wadsworth, Mrs Hill and Mr Little for 3 days.  After making their beds, which was very difficult, everyone had an amazing time trying a range of activities.  Although it was cold with a few flurries of snow, they all had an excellent attempt at reaching the top of the outdoor climbing activities whilst at other times were able to keep warm during the indoor archery, fencing and attempting the climbing wall.  An experience to remember!

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Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre in North Anston

The children in Year 5 and Year 6 have been learning about minibeasts and their living environment.  They all went to the Tropical Butterfly House on Friday, 30th June.  Whilst there, they all had an opportunity to handle minibeasts such as cockroaches, stick insects and tarantulas.  Some children also listened to talks about snakes and saw them being handled whilst others saw owls and parrots flying for their handlers.  They also saw a large number of animals, many of which can be seen in the photographs.

Kingswood Residential 2017

On Monday 5th June, 30 Year 5 children and 4 teachers went to Kingswood Dearne Valley for their residential.  During the 3 days they were there, they took part in several organised activities that they had not attempted before.  This included activities such as: Archery, Fencing, Climbing, High Ropes and Low Ropes.  They had an amazing experience as you can see from the photos.  Over 500 photos were taken, the slide show is just a small sample of them. 

Rotherham Children’s Festival

For Picture This, we have been studying a painting by Pieter Bruegel called Children’s Games.  We have made a material collage of our school playground which is on display at Magna.  We have also written poems, instructions and descriptions relating to the painting.   Some children in Year 5 also went to the ‘Big Blast’ where they play the Glockenspiel.

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