Outstanding ‘One Voice’ concert at Magna

On Wednesday 3rd July, Mr Murray’s Y4/3 class performed in a truly amazing and memorable concert at Magna. The children had to learn fourteen songs and sing them from memory, which in itself is incredible. They performed alongside children from several other Rotherham schools, accompanied by a live band. The concert venue was ‘sold out’ and the performance by all was first class. Everyone was impressed by, and proud of, Thornhill children’s contribution to this fantastic event.


Does it matter what drinks we have?  Do drinks affect our teeth?

Does it matter what drinks we have?  Do drinks affect our teeth?  These are just two of the questions that the year 3/4 children have been looking at.  The children planned a science investigation to see if they could  find out using some common drinks.  Unfortunately, none of the children were willing to give up their gleaming front teeth for the investigation so we had to settle for some eggshells instead.

See below for the end results after leaving each eggshell in a jar of liquid.  The children predicted and gathered results in four areas: smell, hardness, colour change and size (did the eggshell start to disintegrate?).

Maybe you could try this with other drinks at home.  You could compare coke with other variations such as diet coke.  If you do, make sure you let your teacher and class know the results.


This term year 3/4 have been learning about Blue Abyss and Flow so have found out lots about seas and rivers. They have produced some fantastic work, including a story about a scuba diver, a newspaper report on the “Thames Whale” and a river poem. They have used I.C.T. to create a sea life fact file, to research sea disasters and to write a newspaper report. The children have also enjoyed painting a very detailed Great Barrier Reef scene and learnt about The Water Cycle.


In October, year 3 and 4 went on their school visit to The Deep, in Hull.  It was a fabulous day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Once back at school, we received a letter from The Deep through the post (CERTIFICATE).  We are extremely proud to have such wonderful, well behaved children in our school.  WELL DONE year 3 and 4!  Have a look through some of the pictures that were taken during the visit.



School Games Day

This year we were able to hold a fantastic School Games Day without it being rained off and cancelled several times!  All children took part in one of the sessions and enjoyed taking part in a range of activites watched by many parents.  

After our initial School Games Day in the blazing sun, the Y3/Y4 children decided to run finals the following week.  Here are the Year 3/4 winners.


The Y3/4s have been working on their spring topic over the last half term and here is some of the fabulous work they have produced.  In art, they have been sketching animal images and using pastels.  They have researched and learnt about the venus flytrap as well as finding out about a range of animals.  This has included classifying them, learning about their habitats and food chains.  

Music in Y3 and Y4

Year 3/4’s autumn term topic has now been showcased in our main reception.  The children created some fabulous art, researched a variety of instruments and some children were lucky enough to perform at Magna.


Last half term, year 3/4 had four feathered visitors that came to help them with their topic work (Predators).  The children behaved impeccably throughout the talk which was commented on by the member of staff delivering the presentation.  They got to see four different types of owl, learn some interesting facts about them and watch two of them fly across the hall.  Why not ask your child what they can remember?

Can they name an owl species?

What noises do owls make?

Do owls have ears? If so, where?

Why do owls rotate their head so far?

Are owls good predators? Why?

Spelling Competition



ALL DIFFERENT, ALL EQUAL was the theme for this years Anti-Bullying week.  An assembly hosted by Ann Foxley-Johnson, from the Rotherham Schools Improvement Service, finished off a number of activities that the school had run.

There was an initial assembly with the whole school, where Mrs Foxley-Johnson spoke about bullying and showed the children video clips to generate discussion around what is bullying and what isn’t.

Then followed 3 workshops with the year three and four classes focusing on ‘Conflict Resolution’.  During these sessions, the children would act out common scenarios and deal with the situation as best they could.

After some in school sessions, in our PSHE lessons, Mrs Foxley-Johnson returned to school to run another activity focusing on the ‘Impact of Words’.  She also ran a small workshop with some of the children for them to reflect on their understanding of their learning so far.

All in all it was a great success and we would all like to thank Mrs FJ for her hard work and passion when visiting our school.