Look what we made in baking club…!

Here is the recipe for our delicious

‘Halloween Spider Buns’

(Ask an adult for help before you bake)

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Do you like our ‘Dinky Dinosaurs?’  We think they are ‘Simply Stego-tastic’!

Sewing Club takes place every Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes for Key Stage 2 children. (Years 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Here are some of the lovely creations made by our Junior children.

This term we have made bookmarks, bags, cushions and soft toys.

Photographs taken by Year 1 children in Miss Griffith’s class. 


Baking Club – Baking buns for the Queen’s 90th birthday

This week in Baking Club we have enjoyed participating in our very own “British Bake Off”!

The bakers have enjoyed accurately measuring ingredients, mixing and stirring these together, scooping the mixture into bun cases. Finally, when they had baked in the oven, the bakers had fun adding their “British” theme editable flags, crowns and sprinkles.

We think our buns are fit for a Queen!

Jigsaw Club

A new club started this term which has proved to be very popular.  Several jigsaws were completed this week: The Clone Wars by Awais and Harry; Star Wars by Hina, Britney and Aimee; Toy Story by Shammus (and Mrs Benton); and Toy Story was then redone by Hina and Ummaimah.