KS2 intra-class sports

We have resumed our intra-class sports during play times.  All children take part in representing their class against the other classes in their year groups.  We are now at the halfway stage of our intra-sports competition for this term in football and dodgeball.


After a few weeks of competitions, every team has played each other at all the different activities – dance, dodgeball, football and basketball. Team SF continued their winning streak within the Y3/Y4 classes and remain clear winners.  However, after being at the bottom of the leaderboard throughout the competition, Team VD managed to have the highest score and be the overall winners in the Y6/Y5 classes –  they beat the previous winning team (Team CW) by just 1 point.

Intra-class sports competition

All the classes have now completed their 3rd round of competitions.  Although Team SF are still ahead in the Y3/Y4 league, the gap of 12 from round 2 has now closed to just 7.  In the Y5/Y6 competitions, Team CW is still in the lead, however, they have extended their 1 point lead and team VD ahve now overtaken Team KH. 

Inter – class playtime sports

So all classes have now taken part in a second round of team competitions.  Although in the Y6/Y5 competitions Team CW are still in the lead, Team KH are creeping up behind them and are only 1 point behind.  However, in the Y4/Y3 competitions, Team SF are romping away with it, extending their 9 point lead to a 12 point lead.

Inter-class sports

Inter class competitions

The class sports competitions have continued with year 5/6 finally completing their first round matches .

All children participated in 4 sports (football, basketball, dodgeball and dance) over the term to win points for their class.

Here are the Y5/6 current points tally after their first 2 fixtures.

Inter-class sports 

The class sports competitions have started with year 3/4 finally completing their first round matches (snow delay).

All children will participate in 4 sports (football, basketball, dodgeball and dance) over the term to win points for their class.

Here are the Y3/4 current points tally after their first 2 fixtures.

Sports Results…

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Inter class sports results

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.22.50

Inter-class sports competitions – March 2016

sportAfter the last round of matches, Mr Little’s class have stormed from bottom to top of the leaderboard having won both their last 2 matches. Although Mrs Brailsford’s class are at the bottom, they have got the maximum 40 points for fair play – more than Mr Little’s.


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.23.58

Inter-class sports competition Monday 29th February 2016


sportThe final fixture (fixture 6) of the first round of matches in our inter form competition was a close affair between Mrs Wadsworth’s and Mrs Hill’s classes.  The scoreline ended up 4-3 in favour of Mrs Hill’s class.  A hattrick from Hassan (3), and a further goal from Hanzalah (1) sealed the victory for them.  In reply were Frederik (2) and Zafran (1).

Mr Jessop rated the game as 10 points for each side for teamwork and fair play.  The game was played in the perfect spirit.  A special mention goes to Samantha who got the fair play award for, ‘being a team player along with good defending.’

So… after the first round of fixtures it’s Mrs Hill’s class who are sitting pretty at the top of the table whilst Mr Little’s and Mrs Wadsworth’s classes are propping everyone else up at the bottom.  Will there will be a turnaround in the forthcoming fixtures?  There’s still plenty to play for!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 16.25.03

An announcement will be made in Mr Little’s assembly on Tuesday regarding the next set of fixtures.