Paws, Claws and Whiskers…

During their ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ topic, KS1 went on a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was a sunny day and we enjoyed learning more about the amazing animals. We were able to see Brown Bears playing, tigers patrolling and lions sleeping to name a few.

Superheroes – Y1 and Y2

For our Superhero topic KS1 learnt a superhero dance. The children enjoyed acting out the superhero dance moves and poses. The children also enjoyed investigating with magnets when Wingfield staff came in. 


On Wednesday 20th September, KS1 had the pleasure of visiting Cleethorpes beach. The weather couldn’t have been better as we built sandcastles, hunted for shells and walked along the beach. We loved spotting the huge ships in the estuary and seeing the pier at the end of the beach. Our favourite part was the train ride back to the coach. The conductor gave us each a lollipop and we sang songs and waved to the passers-by. We felt like royalty.

 Tesco trip

This September, Year 1 and 2 went to Tesco to start their ‘Beachcombers’ topic with a fishy bang. After walking to Tesco with their class, the children we able to explore the fish counter. They learned about where the fish come from and how they are caught and stored before they get to the shop. We were even able to see a mackerel fish being filleted. It was fascinating to learn where our food comes from.

EIS (English Institute of Sport) sports day for Y2 children

30th March 2017

All the Y2 children went to the EIS for an action packed day of sports.  They joined other Rotherham schools in taking part in 18 different sporting activities: 200m running race, long jump, javelin, skipping, parachute, high jump, speed jump, 60m sprint race, obstacle race, basketball, problem solving, throw and catch, dance, target games, netball, tennis, football and triple jump.

Congratulations go to Nikola Matova who threw the Javelin the furthest thrown by any of the girls in today’s event.

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

During their Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic, KS1 visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.  Whilst there, they were able to see at first hand how animals adapt to their habitats.  For their mastery topic, Miss Griffiths class recorded the day using cameras and showcased their amazing photographs and skills in school and below.


Rio De Vida

It all started with an exciting day of celebration.  The children took part in 3 workshops including music, dance and art.  The day culminated in a Brazilian carnival where the children were able to showcase their work to others. Miss Griffiths class photographed and videoed our special carnival day.  Following the carnival day the children learnt more about Brazil.  They used Atlases to identify the geographical features of Brazil, made and decorated delicious Brazilian Biscuits and researched the Legend of Jurapari.


KS1 SPORTS DAY – Tuesday 5th July 2016

Following a lovely start to the day, KS1 decided to hold their sports day. They had great fun working as a TEAM to collect points.

All the children took part in 5 races: Sprint, Egg and spoon, Relay, Hobby horse racing and finally, the much anticipated Hurdles race.

African Elephants were the winners with 29 race wins, Eagles came second with 27 race wins and this was closely followed by Tigers who scored 25 race wins. Finally, Manatrays scored a total of 21 race wins.

All the children showed great sportsmanship and had a fantastic time.

Y1 and Y2 visit the National Space Centre

On Friday 22nd April, KS1 went the National Space Centre in Leicester. During the trip we encountered many space artefacts and we learnt a wide range of facts about space and space travel. We particularly enjoyed our planetarium experience where we learnt how the rotation and orbit of the Earth gives us night and day.