Does it matter what drinks we have?  Do drinks affect our teeth?

Does it matter what drinks we have?  Do drinks affect our teeth?  These are just two of the questions that the year 3/4 children have been looking at.  The children planned a science investigation to see if they could  find out using some common drinks.  Unfortunately, none of the children were willing to give up their gleaming front teeth for the investigation so we had to settle for some eggshells instead.

See below for the end results after leaving each eggshell in a jar of liquid.  The children predicted and gathered results in four areas: smell, hardness, colour change and size (did the eggshell start to disintegrate?).

Maybe you could try this with other drinks at home.  You could compare coke with other variations such as diet coke.  If you do, make sure you let your teacher and class know the results.

Exciting times for Attendance 

We are introducing the SOL Attendance Diamond
Working Together we WILL improve attendance throughout School.

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Newsletter January 2019

Happy New Year.

Dates for your Diary.

  • Break up – Friday 15thFebruary.
  • Start back – Monday 25thFebruary.
  • Wednesday 3rdApril – Parents evening 3.15pm to 6pm.
  • Break up – Friday 12thApril.
  • Start back – Monday 29thApril.
  • Break up – Friday 3rdMay.
  • Start back – Tuesday 7thMay .
  • Break up – Friday 24thMay.
  • Start back – Monday 3rdJune.
  • Wednesday 10thJuly – 3pm to 5pm. View your child’s work and meet your child’s new teacher.
  • Break up – Friday 19thJuly at 2pm.

Reading Challenge at Home

From now up to Easter children who read at home at least 3 times a week, and their parents sign their reading record, will be rewarded with a special treat. An example of how the recording in a reading record may look is below:

  • 9.1.19        Demon Dentist      Pg 1 – 10        Read to mum.
  • 11.1.19       Demon Dentist      Pg 11 – 25       Read to dad.
  • 14.1.19     Demon Dentist       Pg 26 – 34      Read to nan.


Our Cheerleaders will be competing in a competition soon. In order to raise funds for their ‘outfit’ they will be selling buns on a Friday morning break. These will be priced at 10p and 20p if children would like to buy one.

Superheroes – Y1 and Y2

For our Superhero topic KS1 learnt a superhero dance. The children enjoyed acting out the superhero dance moves and poses. The children also enjoyed investigating with magnets when Wingfield staff came in. 

Newsletter : December 2018

Christmas Concerts.

  • Monday 17thDecember – 2pm KS2 performance.
  • Tuesday 18thDecember – 9.30am KS2 performance.
  • Wednesday 19thDecember – 9.30am Foundation performance.
  • Thursday 20thDecember – 9.30am KS1 performance.

Friday 21stDecember– Party Day and break up at 2pm.

Monday 7thJanuary – start back.

It has come to our attention that some children are choosing sandwiches at lunchtime and barely eating any of them before throwing them away. We also have some children doing this with sandwiches that they are bringing from home. We have spoken to the children about the importance of eating at lunchtime so they have enough energy for the rest of the day and staff are monitoring the situation.

Staff Update.
Mrs Garbutt will not be returning to us after Christmas as she has decided to retire. She has worked at Thornhill Primary School for 21 years. She began as a SMSA before becoming a Teaching Assistant, and finally teaching in Y5/6. She also ran the Breakfast Club for many years, and runs the lunch time sewing club everyday. She has been a wonderful asset to our school and will be missed. We would like to wish her and Mr Garbutt a very happy retirement.

Mrs Ibbotson will be returning to us in January and will work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Y1/2. Mrs Bruce-Hillman will work on Thursday and Friday with that class.



This term year 3/4 have been learning about Blue Abyss and Flow so have found out lots about seas and rivers. They have produced some fantastic work, including a story about a scuba diver, a newspaper report on the “Thames Whale” and a river poem. They have used I.C.T. to create a sea life fact file, to research sea disasters and to write a newspaper report. The children have also enjoyed painting a very detailed Great Barrier Reef scene and learnt about The Water Cycle.


This term, Year 5/6 have been learning about Mexico and have recently started learning about the Heart. 

We have focused on the Mexican Festival Day of the Dead and our work has linked to other aspects of Mexican life – both present and past. Classes have designed and made their own Day of the Dead masks, researched life in Mexico and gained an understanding of the Ancient Maya tribe.

Following on from Mexico, children are just beginning to learn how the heart works and why it is so important. Some classes have started work on clay models and 3D models of the heart. 

Newsletter December 2018

Dates for your diary

  • Wednesday 12th December 3pm to 6pm – Parents evening. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their class teacher. This is by appointment only.
  • Thursday 13th December – Christmas Dinner Day. This will also be a non-uniform day where children can wear their Christmas jumper (or just casual clothes) and bring 50p which will go to the ‘Save the Children’ charity.

Christmas Concerts for parents.

  • Monday 17th December 2pm – KS2 concert.
  • Tuesday 18th December 9.30am – KS2 concert.
  • Wednesday 19th December 9.30am – Foundation concert.
  • Thursday 20th December 9.30am – KS1 concert.

Please note: KS1 is the children in Mrs Chaplin’s, Miss Griffith’s and Mrs Bruce-Hillman’s. KS2 is Mrs Oxley’s/ Mrs Shaukat’s, Mr Murray’s, Mr Little’s, Mrs Davies’/ Mr Lyne’s, Mrs Wadsworth’s / Mrs Gregory’s and Mrs Hill’s/ Mrs Garbutt’s.

Friday 21st December – Party Day. This will also be a non-uniform day.


Start back – Monday 7th January.



Magnificent performance at Magna!

On Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November, children from Year 4/3 were involved in two evening performances at Magna to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I. They performed alongside children from three other schools, students from Rotherham College of Art and Technology, professional actors and musicians to tell a story of how young men and women from Rotherham were involved in this conflict and the sacrifices that they made.

Children from Thornhill sang beautifully, acted with confidence and made a significant contribution to the overall success of two moving and memorable performances. Parents and staff, who had the privilege to watch the performances, were both very impressed by and incredibly proud of our children. 


A big thank you to all the parents who were able to contribute items of food and come and share our Harvest Festival assemblies.  The children have all worked hard to find out about the types of food we eat, where crops are grown, the work of farmers, and about how Global warming could affect the work of our farmers.  They shared this information through some beautiful singing and reciting the information clearly.  All the food contributions have been donated to a local organisation – SHILOH – who prepare meals for the homeless.