Autumn 2015, War of the Worlds.  Each class chose a different book to read that was set during World War II.

Have a read of them and find out how different life was for children during the war.

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During the last three weeks of term, the children all moved to their new classes to accelerate their learning.  Everyone learnt about well-known festivals.

The children in the new Year 6 and Year 5 classes found out about Independence day, St George’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, St Andrew’s Day and St David’s Day.  Do you know when they are celebrated?

‘Go Outdoors’ was our summer term topic – children enjoyed a day or 3 days (some children went on a residential) at an outdoor activity centre.

They used IT skills and developed their art to capture their experiences.

The summer novel study book was ‘Frozen in Time’ by Ali Sparkes. 

Everyone agreed it was an amazing story.  The majority of children chose it as their book to take home and keep to read over and over again.

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In the Spring Term, children learnt about Mexico and its main festival in a topic called ‘Hola Mexico!’

Do you know why they have brightly coloured skulls during their ‘Dia de las Muertos’ celebration?

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