sportFixture 4 of the inter form competition was played between Mrs Hill’s class and Mrs Davies’ class.  Unfortunately, the teams were low on numbers due to homework not being finished, this left the teams uneven.  Due to the increased space on the pitch, a high scoring game finished 10 – 7 in favour of Mrs Hill’s class. Mustansir (1)Kuba (6) and Saleh (3) got the goals for Mrs Hill’s class whilst Usman (7) scored all 7 for Mrs Davies’ class. 

It was great viewing with lots of goals and at one point the game could’ve gone either way before Mrs Hill’s class stormed ahead.

Both sides scored 8/10 for teamwork and fair play.  The reason for this was that the classes did not efficiently work well as a team, leaving the responsibility to individuals or not working hard enough together. Well done to Usman who got the fair playaward for, ‘being one of the players who did give 100% effort for his team.’

We now look forward to the Y3/4 encounter, on Friday (fixture 5), between Mrs Brailsford’s and Mr Murray’s classes.

Fixture 6, on Monday, sees Mrs Wadworth’s class take on Mrs Hill’s.

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