Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 13.54.17Judging by recent form, expectations were quite low at the start of the day.  However, the team hit the ground running with a 5-0 win and went on to score over 20 goals in the group stages of the tournament, whilst conceding no goals at all.  This left us in Joint top place with Sitwell Junior School and sent us into the quarter finals.  As fate would dictate, we were up against our major rivals Kimberworth Primary. 

The game took on what had become the usual pattern of play, dogged tackling and simple passing, resulting in a bag full of goals from the star of the tournament Shamila. With a hat-trick from our very own Masbrough marvel, which took her tally for the day up to 18 goals for the day we breezed through into the Semi Finals. 

With only one shot to save for the entire tournament, we knew that we would be hard to beat, however the only team to stop us from scoring in a 0-0 game were awaiting us in the next round.  Sitwell Juniors were a very organized team, with a huge physical presence, but yet again there was nothing between us and the 0-0 score line sent us through to the dreaded penalty shootout. 

As the rain came down, our super goal stopper Fakhira could not see through her glasses, which meant calling yet again on Shamila to literally save the day.  After a grueling 5 penalties each, at all square we went on to sudden death! 7 penalties later we were still level until unfortunately for us, Sitwells striker put the ball in the bottom left hand corner to send them through the final, which took place at the New York Stadium. 

The statistics speak for themselves, no game losses, none scored against and 21 scored for, well done girls, amazing effort.  Sitwell went on the win the final at the New York Stadium so our congratulations of course goes out to them.