Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.39.09Dates for your diary…

Tuesday 19th July at 2pm – Break up for the summer holidays.

Tuesday 6th September – Pupils return to school.

Dinner money

From September dinner money will be £2.05 per day and £10.25 per week. Please ensure you pay dinner money at the start of the week.

Home time.

Please remember school finishes at 3pm – we have a growing number of children who are very late being picked up in an evening.

In September children in Foundation (Mrs Pease and Mrs Brailsford) will leave from the unit gate; children in KS1 (Mrs Chaplin, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Ibbotson) will leave from the main gate – the one the majority of children enter by in a morning; children in lower KS2 (Mrs Ahmed / Mrs Oxley, Mr Murray, Mr Little) will leave from the gate next to Foundation; children in upper KS2 (Mrs Gregory / Mrs Wadsworth, Mrs Davies, Mrs Garbutt/ Mrs Hill) will leave from the door near reception. The infant gate will open at 2.55pm to allow parents to collect their KS1 child before moving on to collect other children in the Foundation unit. Please note, unless you inform us otherwise, KS2 children will just be allowed to go once the bell has gone.


Are you aware your child has 13 weeks holiday a year? Because of this, it is still Rotherham’s policy to not authorise holidays in term time despite what you may have heard or read in the press.