Newsletter July 2017

We break up for summer – Tuesday 25th July at 1.15pm.

It is a non uniform day, and we would like contributions of approximately 50p for coming in purple, favourite outfits or non- uniform.

Thank you for all your support this year. We hope you have a lovely break and we’ll see you on Tuesday 5th September.

From September we will no longer be providing water bottles, so children may bring their own to school on Mondays and take home on Fridays for washing. If your child does not bring a water bottle each class will have a beaker at the sink for children to rinse and share.

If your child requires a book bag to bring their reading book to and from school these can be purchased from Pinders (at the bus station) for £3.50. School will no longer have any available for you to buy.

From September in the morning:

Foundation children will enter school by the Foundation gate where you and your child will be met by Foundation staff.

Children from Y1 to Y6 will enter school by the main gate, near the steps. Please note parents leave children at the main gate; they do not escort children to the classroom.

From September in an evening:

Foundation parents will be admitted through the Foundation gates and then they can collect their children from either Mrs Pease’s or Mrs Yasseen’s unit.

Y3/4s will leave from the gates next to the Foundation Unit.

Y1/2s will be collected from the main gates which will open at 2.55pm.

Y5/6s will leave from the door next to the main gates.

Please note children in Y3,4,5 and 6 will just be dismissed at home time unless you instruct them to wait for you.


Mrs Oxley has now started her maternity leave – we wish her all the best.

Mrs Ahmed is also leaving us to take up her new teaching post at East Dene Primary School – we would like to thank her for all her hard work and wish her all the very best