Welcome back everyone.

A new school year and new Parents to Thornhill so with this in mind this is information that we feel is useful to share.
Should you have any issues at all with the school, or positive comments, then there are lots of opportunities to speak to us:

  • Senior leaders at the gates every morning and tea time
  • Make an appointment to see the Head by contacting the school,
  • Talk to your Elected Parent Governor,
  • Contact the Chair of Governors through the school,
  • Email the school with your concern,
  • Send a letter in to school.

Whilst we would love to have an open door policy we can’t due to the safety and wellbeing of all the pupils and staff in the school during opening time.

Clubs, Clubs, Clubs.
There are many clubs that have just started or will be starting in the next few weeks. See below for days, times and member of staff running them.