Wednesday 4th July – Bowling.
We will be leaving school at about 9.30am to walk to Superbowl at Kimberworth. School are paying for the treat, but children can bring about £2 so they can buy a drink. We will be back at school for lunch.

Thursday 5th July – Y6 leavers play.
School is providing some of the costume items that the children will need, but they have been asked to bring some items from home. Please ask them what these are and send them in as soon as possible.

The performance will begin at 2pm so please ensure you are in your seat by 1.55pm so you don’t miss them.

Friday 6th July – Y6s last day.
The children may bring a white t-shirt or shirt for their friends to sign. Please send them with a marker pen or something suitable as we don’t have enough for all the children.

Thank you for all your support over your child’s time with us.