Christmas Concerts.

  • Monday 17thDecember – 2pm KS2 performance.
  • Tuesday 18thDecember – 9.30am KS2 performance.
  • Wednesday 19thDecember – 9.30am Foundation performance.
  • Thursday 20thDecember – 9.30am KS1 performance.

Friday 21stDecember– Party Day and break up at 2pm.

Monday 7thJanuary – start back.

It has come to our attention that some children are choosing sandwiches at lunchtime and barely eating any of them before throwing them away. We also have some children doing this with sandwiches that they are bringing from home. We have spoken to the children about the importance of eating at lunchtime so they have enough energy for the rest of the day and staff are monitoring the situation.

Staff Update.
Mrs Garbutt will not be returning to us after Christmas as she has decided to retire. She has worked at Thornhill Primary School for 21 years. She began as a SMSA before becoming a Teaching Assistant, and finally teaching in Y5/6. She also ran the Breakfast Club for many years, and runs the lunch time sewing club everyday. She has been a wonderful asset to our school and will be missed. We would like to wish her and Mr Garbutt a very happy retirement.

Mrs Ibbotson will be returning to us in January and will work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Y1/2. Mrs Bruce-Hillman will work on Thursday and Friday with that class.