The safety of our children is of paramount importance to everyone at Thornhill Primary School. At the start and end of the day there is a lot of traffic outside of school and it would be dreadful if any of the children were injured or involved in an accident with a car.

  • School are working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police and RMBC to keep our pupils safe.
  • Parking on the double yellow lines and zig zag lines is illegal. Some of our children are smaller than the height of your car which makes them difficult to see so drive slowly and carefully past school.
  • Beware of children trying to cross between parked cars and drive slowly.
  • The zig zag lines should be kept clear so children can cross the road safely.
  • Remember some children walk home alone so watch out for them.
  • The PCSO will be patrolling to enforce road safety and ensure the vehicles near our school are using the roads safely and within the law.
  • Penalties will be issued by the PCSO for those people who are not using the roads correctly.


Because the weather is now getting warmer we would like you to consider walking to school if you live near enough. It’s a good way to keep fit and keep your family healthy. It also gives you a chance to chat.

On 10th– 21stJune we would like to invite you and your children to walk to school every day. We’ll be setting you some challenges to have a go at each day – more information to follow about this.

Help us to ensure your child is safe on our roads.

Thank you.