Beginning on Monday 10th June its Rotherham’s Walk to School Week initiative. We’d like as many children as possible to walk to school.There are prizes for the children who complete the challenge and there are also prizes for the school to win that all the children can enjoy.
Each class has a sticker chart so they can record the children’s success. To make it fun there is a challenge for each day. Don’t worry if you can’t complete the challenge it’s the walking to school bit that’s’ important.

  • Monday 10th June – Walk to school wearing odd socks.
  • Tuesday 11th June – How many different types of transport can you spot on your way to school?
  • Wednesday 12th June – Time yourself. How long does it take you to walk to school?
  • Thursday 13th June – Think about what super qualities a Road Safety Superhero would need.
  • Friday 14th June – Walk to school with your favourite teddy or toy.
  • Monday 17th June – Walk to school singing a song.
  • Tuesday 18th June – I spy with my little eye. How many things can you see today on your way to school beginning with the letter ‘s’?
  • Wednesday 19th June – Welly boot Wednesday.
  • Thursday 20th June – Can you spot things on your way to school beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Friday 21st June – Time yourself again. Are you quicker at walking to school.

Do you feel fitter?
Keep walking!
It’s healthy and it’s better for the environment.