Another fantastic year of sporting success in 2018/19, every year we surpass expectations and punch well above our weight during sports tournaments.  No other school in Rotherham participates in and has as much success in as many competitions and this year has been no exception.

Notable achievements are as follows:
Reached the final of the RUCST football tournament at the New York Stadium.
Sheffield Sharks B.Braun cup winners – Basketball
Rotherham Finalists in the following competitions
Cross country (Years 3/4/5/6)
Athletics (Years 5/6)
Tennis (Years 3/4)
Orienteering (Years 3/4/5/6)
Tag Rugby (Years 5/6)
Gymnastics (Years 3/4/5/6)
South Yorkshire Finalists
Hockey  (Years 3/4 winners) (Years 5/6 boys and girls runners up)
Cricket (Years 3/4)
Cheerleading (Year 3/4/5/6)
Yorkshire Finalists
Cricket (Both Y5/6 boys and girls)
I would like to personally thank all the participants for all their efforts.  I am extremely proud and privileged to see determination, team work, endeavour and positivity in difficult situations as things don’t always go our way! We never give up and continue to learn, grow and come back stronger, which is why we have built such a formidable reputation over the years.  
Rob Lyne