Dates for your Diary.

Break up – Friday 20th December at 2pm.

Start back – Monday 6th January.

Christmas Party Day – Friday 20th December

Children can come to school in their party wear. Food contributions are welcome. Please note we have a number of children in school who are allergic to nuts so we would ask that you do not send in any items that contain nuts.

Sheltering in Place / Lock Down.

On Wednesday 18th December (at some point in the afternoon) we will be practising what to do if the school has to be ‘locked down’ in the event of an emergency such as a fire somewhere in the community where it would be unsafe for the children to be outside, a reported incident in the local area where police have advised that pupils need to be kept safe, an intruder on the school site etc. We practise what to do in the event of a fire so children are not worried and the local authority believe we need to practise this for the same reason. Rather than a fire alarm the children will hear a horn. During the practise lock down classroom blinds will be drawn and children will continue with their learning as normal.

Mrs Chaplin.

As many of you are aware Mrs Chaplin who is normally the teacher in Year 1 has been off ill since last February. Unfortunately she is still very ill and will not be returning to Thornhill Primary School. I’m sure lots of you will have very fond memories of your children’s time with Mrs Chaplin. Staff will be visiting her in the near future so if any families wished to send her cards we are happy to pass them on. We would like to thank Mrs Chaplin for the incredible job she did in Year 1 nurturing our lovely children and for the many hours she spent running gardening, science and enterprise club.