This morning we had a special visitor. The dentist came to our school. What an exciting event! First we went to the hall and met the dentists and dental nurses. They were wearing blue outfits. They asked us to sort food into food that was good for our teeth and food that was bad for our teeth. We learnt that raisins are bad for our teeth because they stick to them and the sugars stay there. After that we came back to our classrooms and were given a purple tablet to chew. It made our whole mouth go bright purple. Can you believe it?

We were then asked to brush our teeth in small circles to try and get rid of all the purple. We had to brush them for 2 minutes using a colourful timer. We learnt that the fluoride in the toothpaste is like a bodyguard for our teeth. We did a great job and soon our whole mouths were sparkling. We thought the tablet would be scary but it wasn’t. We really enjoyed our special visitors coming to school. We can’t wait to take my toothbrush and timer home and brush my teeth for 2 minutes twice a day. Do you brush your teeth twice a day?