I’m sure many of you heard the up date from Boris Johnson on Sunday evening regarding the proposed reopening of schools for some year groups on 1st June. Although we want the children back in school as we have missed them we have a responsibility to ensure that we can make the building and outside areas safe for the children, parents and staff – to open without safe and secure measures in place would affect lives so this is not something we can do lightly. We are currently working closely with the Local Authority and the Department for Education to discuss our next steps and will let you know what these are in due course.

Continue to keep yourself safe and we hope to be back as a school community as soon as we can.

Home school learning.

Well done to all those pupils who are managing to keep up with their learning at home. Learning Pack 3 was prepared last week so is available for you to come and collect between 12 o’ clock and 1 o’clock from the school hall. On our last newsletter we suggested some web sites for you to go on as well – these are revised regularly.

Y6s going to Winterhill in September.

Y6 – if you haven’t done this yet please do so as soon as possible.

Follow this link Winterhill Transitions Student Form 2020.

Y6s going to Winterhill in September  Download the Transitions Student Form.