Dear Parent / Carer,

We are sure you have seen or heard by now that the Government is hoping for some year groups to return to school in June if it is safe at that time to do so. The year groups that we are being asked to plan for are our Nursery children (F1), Reception children (F2), Year one and Year six children. This is in addition to the children of critical workers and vulnerable children who have had access to the provision since lockdown.

The Government has set out what schools need to consider in relation to social distancing, which include among other things having less pupils in school (groups of no more than 15 in a class), staggered lunches and breaks, plus having staggered times for different groups to arrive and leave school.  It includes too some advice about how we protect the most clinically vulnerable, and which groups of children and staff need to stay at home. Behind the scenes, we are busy working out how many staff will still be able to attend the setting (some are in this clinically vulnerable group), how many classrooms we need to manage groups of 15 and how many staff we need to teach the pupils. Some of you may be worrying too if your child or someone at home is clinically vulnerable – please feel that you can contact us to discuss this.

I think we need to be very clear that we are unable to achieve social distancing in a school. We can always make things safer, we could perhaps reduce slightly the risk, but as soon as you open the school the risk will be there. We will be following the guidance closely and will let you know nearer the time how you can help us keep everyone safe once school reopens to year groups.

It is also worth noting that, once year groups return, it will not be ‘normal’ school.

We will be in touch once we have a clear plan about how to open our school up safely.

We do hope you are all well and keeping safe.

We miss you,

Mrs Benton and the staff.