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1.Visit your local park.

2.Go on your bike, scooter or walk.

3.Camp out in your garden.

4.Create a tasting Menu.

5.Take a photo of your tasting menu or draw a picture of it.

6.Have a picnic.

7.Pick your own fruit or vegetables.

8.Count the butterflies.

9.Press flowers.

10.Start a compost heap.

11.Make an Insect Hotel.

12. Create veg stamps-using potatoes, apples, courgetti. Peppers.

13.Paint Pebbles.

14.Make more plants, sew some seeds.

15.Plan a plant Scavenger Hunt. Write a list of plants that you have in your garden, local wood or park. Tick them off as you see them, take a photo of them.

16.Play Hula Hula or throwing and catching.

17.Feed the birds-make a summer feeder or make a fat ball.

18.Join the green gym-do some gardening.

19.Rock pooling.

20.Write your own bucket list of activities that you would like to do.