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Paws, Claws and Whiskers…

During their ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ topic, KS1 went on a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was a sunny day and we enjoyed learning more about the amazing animals. We were able to see Brown Bears playing, tigers patrolling and lions sleeping to name a few.

Outstanding ‘One Voice’ concert at Magna

On Wednesday 3rd July, Mr Murray’s Y4/3 class performed in a truly amazing and memorable concert at Magna. The children had to learn fourteen songs and sing them from memory, which in itself is incredible. They performed alongside children from several other Rotherham schools, accompanied by a live band. The concert venue was ‘sold out’ and the performance by all was first class. Everyone was impressed by, and proud of, Thornhill children’s contribution to this fantastic event.


Newsletter July (2) 2019

Dear Parents a reminder that we break up on Friday 19thJuly at 2pm.

Have a lovely summer. We start back on Tuesday 3rdSeptember.

Dinner Money.

Dinner money is £10.25 per week and this should be paid on a Monday please.

Breakfast Club.

This is from 8am in a morning and is £5 a week. Please note if a child wishes to come to breakfast club it is everyday – we are unable to provide a place for one or two days. If your child does attend breakfast club please pay £5 on a Monday morning when you drop your child off.

Book bags.

We have some school book bags in the school office. They are priced at £4 each.

School water bottles.

Lots of children have asked about buying school water bottles. We have contacted a company and are able to order some with the school logo and space to write children’s names on for £2.50. If you would like to order one please bring the money to the school office by (no later) Friday 13thSeptember.


Another fantastic year of sporting success in 2018/19, every year we surpass expectations and punch well above our weight during sports tournaments.  No other school in Rotherham participates in and has as much success in as many competitions and this year has been no exception.

Notable achievements are as follows:
Reached the final of the RUCST football tournament at the New York Stadium.
Sheffield Sharks B.Braun cup winners – Basketball
Rotherham Finalists in the following competitions
Cross country (Years 3/4/5/6)
Athletics (Years 5/6)
Tennis (Years 3/4)
Orienteering (Years 3/4/5/6)
Tag Rugby (Years 5/6)
Gymnastics (Years 3/4/5/6)
South Yorkshire Finalists
Hockey  (Years 3/4 winners) (Years 5/6 boys and girls runners up)
Cricket (Years 3/4)
Cheerleading (Year 3/4/5/6)
Yorkshire Finalists
Cricket (Both Y5/6 boys and girls)
I would like to personally thank all the participants for all their efforts.  I am extremely proud and privileged to see determination, team work, endeavour and positivity in difficult situations as things don’t always go our way! We never give up and continue to learn, grow and come back stronger, which is why we have built such a formidable reputation over the years.  
Rob Lyne


This year, Year 5/6 pupils have been learning to play different pieces of music on the Glockenspiel. As part of the Rotherham Childrens’ Festival, children were invited to play their instruments at the ‘Big Blast’ Festival. A selection of pupils attended and their behaviour and performance was exceptional – we even looked the part with our Glockenspiel stands. 

Newsletter June 2019

Dates for your Diary.

Monday 8thJuly – INSET so school closed.
Wednesday 10thJuly – 3pm to 5pm. View your child’s work / meet your child’s new teacher.
Break up – Friday 19thJuly at 2pm.

Friday 5thJuly – Your child will be bringing their Record of Achievement home. This will also inform you of whose class your child is going in next year.

Sports Day – Wednesday 3rdJuly.

Now that the weather is nice again we are hoping to hold our sports day on Wednesday 3rdJuly. Your child may come to school in their sports wear. Parents are welcome to come and watch this event and we will be opening the main gates just before the start of the event to let you in and again at the end to let you out. Please note staff may be unable to keep going to the gate to let you in and out if you arrive late or want to leave early as they will be busy supervising children.

Foundation 2 – 9.15am to 10.15am.
KS1 (Infant children) – 10.30am – 11.45am
KS2 (Junior children) – 1pm – 2.45pm

As the weather is getting warmer you may want to send your child to school with a sun hat and sun cream. Please note staff are unable to apply sun cream to children.


Beginning on Monday 10th June its Rotherham’s Walk to School Week initiative. We’d like as many children as possible to walk to school.There are prizes for the children who complete the challenge and there are also prizes for the school to win that all the children can enjoy.
Each class has a sticker chart so they can record the children’s success. To make it fun there is a challenge for each day. Don’t worry if you can’t complete the challenge it’s the walking to school bit that’s’ important.

  • Monday 10th June – Walk to school wearing odd socks.
  • Tuesday 11th June – How many different types of transport can you spot on your way to school?
  • Wednesday 12th June – Time yourself. How long does it take you to walk to school?
  • Thursday 13th June – Think about what super qualities a Road Safety Superhero would need.
  • Friday 14th June – Walk to school with your favourite teddy or toy.
  • Monday 17th June – Walk to school singing a song.
  • Tuesday 18th June – I spy with my little eye. How many things can you see today on your way to school beginning with the letter ‘s’?
  • Wednesday 19th June – Welly boot Wednesday.
  • Thursday 20th June – Can you spot things on your way to school beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Friday 21st June – Time yourself again. Are you quicker at walking to school.

Do you feel fitter?
Keep walking!
It’s healthy and it’s better for the environment.

Newsletter EID 2019

Dates for your Diary.

  • Start back – Monday 3rdJune.
  • Monday 8thJuly – INSET so school closed.
  • Wednesday 10thJuly – 3pm to 5pm. View your child’s work / meet your child’s new teacher.
  • Break up – Friday 19thJuly at 2pm.

Eid Celebrations.

Many of you will be celebrating EID on either Tuesday or Wednesday and we would like to wish you a happy Eid Mubarak. We would also like to remind you that the school is only allowed to authorise one day.

 Friday 7thJune – Eid Party Day.

Children may come to school in non uniform and they will have a party in either the morning or afternoon. Food contributions are welcome.

Ice pops

Y6 have started selling ice pops again at morning break and these are priced at 20p.





Road Safety Awareness.

The safety of our children is of paramount importance to everyone at Thornhill Primary School. At the start and end of the day there is a lot of traffic outside of school and it would be dreadful if any of the children were injured or involved in an accident with a car.

  • School are working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police and RMBC to keep our pupils safe.
  • Parking on the double yellow lines and zig zag lines is illegal. Some of our children are smaller than the height of your car which makes them difficult to see so drive slowly and carefully past school.
  • Beware of children trying to cross between parked cars and drive slowly.
  • The zig zag lines should be kept clear so children can cross the road safely.
  • Remember some children walk home alone so watch out for them.
  • The PCSO will be patrolling to enforce road safety and ensure the vehicles near our school are using the roads safely and within the law.
  • Penalties will be issued by the PCSO for those people who are not using the roads correctly.


Because the weather is now getting warmer we would like you to consider walking to school if you live near enough. It’s a good way to keep fit and keep your family healthy. It also gives you a chance to chat.

On 10th– 21stJune we would like to invite you and your children to walk to school every day. We’ll be setting you some challenges to have a go at each day – more information to follow about this.

Help us to ensure your child is safe on our roads.

Thank you.


Newsletter May 2019

Dates for your Diary.

  • School closed for May Day – Monday 6th May
  • School as normal – Tuesday 7th May .
  • Break up – Friday 24th May.
  • Start back – Monday 3rd June.
  • Monday 8th July – INSET so school closed.
  • Wednesday 10th July – 3pm to 5pm. View your child’s work / meet your child’s new teacher.
  • Break up – Friday 19th July at 2pm.

Please note school will be closed on Thursday 23rd May. This is due to the protracted Brexit negotiations and the UK is having to participate in the European Parliamentary Elections. As this was not a planned election the school will now have to be closed as it is used as a polling station. School will reopen on Friday 24th May.

Dinner Money and Breakfast Club.

Could you please ensure you pay your child’s dinner money on a Monday. It is £10.25 for the week (£2.05 per day).

Similarly if your child attends Breakfast Club it would be very helpful if that was also paid on a Monday and that is £5 for the week.