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Letter to parents about  reopening school

Local Authority  Risk Assessment for Wider Opening of Schools Thornhill 22.5.20


Can all families take extra care when accessing learning based websites with their children during this critical coronavirus lockdown period.  If you find any material that is concerning, please report it to CEOP (Child exploitation and online protection) which can also be accessed through our ‘E-Safety’ link on our website.  In addition, whilst spending prolonged periods in self isolation, if you have any concerns around safeguarding, please don’t hesitate to contact 01709 382121.


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Update from 10th May.

I’m sure many of you heard the up date from Boris Johnson on Sunday evening regarding the proposed reopening of schools for some year groups on 1st June. Although we want the children back in school as we have missed them we have a responsibility to ensure that we can make the building and outside areas safe for the children, parents and staff – to open without safe and secure measures in place would affect lives so this is not something we can do lightly. We are currently working closely with the Local Authority and the Department for Education to discuss our next steps and will let you know what these are in due course.

Continue to keep yourself safe and we hope to be back as a school community as soon as we can.

Home school learning.

Well done to all those pupils who are managing to keep up with their learning at home. Learning Pack 3 was prepared last week so is available for you to come and collect between 12 o’ clock and 1 o’clock from the school hall. On our last newsletter we suggested some web sites for you to go on as well – these are revised regularly.

Y6s going to Winterhill in September.

Y6 – if you haven’t done this yet please do so as soon as possible.

Follow this link Winterhill Transitions Student Form 2020.

Y6s going to Winterhill in September - Download the Transitions Student Form.



Suggested website links for home schooling can be found on the April Newsletter and under Class Blogs. 


Thornhill Primary – our curriculum……

At Thornhill we say ‘Every child, every lesson, every day’. We believe that regular attendance, inspirational school staff and focused learning will secure ‘Lifelong learners’ who make the right choices based on being a good citizen in our learning community. Having a varied, relevant and stimulating curriculum supports all children to achieve our vision. But our curriculum intent is more than this.

We know that the decision made about subject content and the way the themes are constructed and delivered creates the ‘what’ will be taught and learnt.

Our staff have created a clear pathway for all the children at Thornhill. This is ignited by the themes the children engage with over a week, a term and a year. Time has been well spent on designing a curriculum that gives breadth and depth, knowledge and investigation, resilience and empathy. The sequencing of themes have also been important in matching ‘quality first hand visits’ to local, national and world wide issues and to engage the imagination of all children. Teaching is planned and sequenced for excitement and engagement and the management team believe the right people are leading the right curriculum areas.

Staff know the curriculum works well for our children, and coordinator position statements tell the SLT and Governors how they know. All subject leaders are confident in sharing what requires improvement and the actions they are taking with the whole school to implement the best changes. The choices around the themes that are taught centre around inclusivity – we ensure all the new English language learners in school – (we have 34 languages) – have supported learning. Our core business is adapting the curriculum we offer to support those children on School action or on an EHC plan.

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