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Welcome to Buttercups

Staff members: Mrs A Pease, Mrs J Blain and Mrs I Choudhary


A Typical School Day 

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Continuous Provision (indoors)


Snack time  

Break Time - Outdoor Play

Mathematics (F1)/ Practice Reading session (F2) 

Lunch Time/ End of Morning session for F1

Outdoor play

Afternoon session begins


Continuous provision (indoors)

Phonics (F1) / Mathematics (F2)

Snack time

Outdoor Play

Mathematics (F1) / Understanding the World (F2)

Story time

Singing time

  Home Time



Weekly Overview



Book bag in school 


Book bag in school 

PE Day


Book bag in school


Book bag in school/ Return key rings


Book bag in school/ Homework set

Termly Overview

Term What we will be covering
Autumn Term Ourselves and Seasonal Changes
Spring Term Our Local Area
Summer Term Wild Animals and Dinosaurs

Class Novels







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  • Mon 3 Jun 24


    Fri 14 Jun 24

    Year 4 Multiplication Check
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  • Mon 10 Jun 24


    Fri 14 Jun 24

    Phonics Screening
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  • Tuesday 18 Jun 24
    09:00 to 15:15
    Key Stage One - Sundown Children in Snowdrops, Marigolds and Poppies are going to Sundown on Tuesday 18th June. Read more
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  • Friday 21 Jun 24
    08:00 to 16:00
    World Music Day More information to follow Read more
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  • Monday 1 Jul 24
    09:30 to 11:11
    Y6 Treat
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  • Thursday 4 Jul 24
    09:15 to 15:15
    F2 Trip to Gulliver's Valley Foundation 2 children from Buttercups and Bluebells (not F1's) will be going to Gulliver's Valley in Rotherham on Thursday 4th July. There are leaving school at 9:15 and should be back at school for the normal collection time of 3:15pm. Read more
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  • Thursday 4 Jul 24
    09:30 to 11:11
    Year 6 Leavers Play for Parents
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  • Tuesday 9 Jul 24
    09:00 to 13:00
    Big Blast A selection of Year 5/6 children will be invited to play their Djembe Drums at Magna for the Big Blast festival - more information will follow. Read more
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  • Tuesday 9 Jul 24
    15:30 to 17:00
    Parents' Evening - no appointments - view work/meet new teachers
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  • Friday 19 Jul 24
    Last day of Term
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