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Declarations of the Board

Members, Local Governors and staff must act and be seen to act, impartially. All associated parties are asked to complete and regularly review a register of business interests. The Department for Education (DfE) strongly recommends that senior staff also register any business interests that may be relevant. These are maintained together in a register of interests.  Declarations should include all business and pecuniary (monetary) interests such as directorships, shareholdings and other appointments of influence within a business or other organisation. They should also include interests of related persons such as parent/carer, spouse, child, cohabitee and business partner, where influence could be exerted by that person over an associated party member.


Where a Member, Local Governor, staff or related person has any interest, either pecuniary or non-pecuniary, in a matter to be discussed at a Governance meeting, the individual (or member of staff) must declare their interest and withdraw from that part of the meeting.


Name Position Attendance 22/23 Attendance 23/24 Appointed by Appointed 
Mezzmel Hussain Co-Chair/Chair Finance/Data Committee 6/6 GB 1/2/21 - 31/1/25
Heidi Cooper Co-Chair/Data Committee 1/3 GB 2/9/23 - 28/9/28
Zanib Rasool Vice Chair/Finance Committee 6/7 GB 1/9/19 - 31/8/25
Karen Hill Governor / Head Teacher 10/10 GB 1/9/19 - 31/8/25
Ela Barnes Staff Governor / Deputy Head 3/3 School Staff 1/9/22 - 31/8/25
Alison Pease Governor / Assistant Head/Data Committee 6/6 GB

20/7/18 - 19/7/25


Alison Quinn Co-Opted Governor/Finance Committee 5/7 GB 29/9/20 - 20/9/24
Steven Alabi Parent Governor 3/3 GB 1/9/22 - 81/8/25
Tanveer Akhtar Parent Governor 1/3 GB 1/9/22 - 31/8/25